About us

Together for Better is the corporate motto of the international Reynaers Group and reflects the identity of this Belgian family company. Driven by innovation and entrepreneurship, the Reynaers Group is always focusing on partners to realize sustainable growth together. The Reynaers Group, active in more than 70 countries worldwide, is a leading specialist in the development, distribution and commercialization of innovative and sustainable architectural applications in aluminium and steel.


Key figures

Reynaers Group is looking forward with confidence and realized a turnover of € 426 million in 2017. Currently the Group employs 2200 persons worldwide.

  • 2.200 Staff members
  • 40 Subsidiaries
  • 426 mil. Total turnover

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 10 members, with an equal share of family members and external members. Those external members are not associated with or employed by the Reynaers Group, which results in objective decision-making. Furthermore, this independence introduces outside perspectives to the Board. The Board of Directors, under the chairmanship of Eric Van Zele, meets every two months at the Reynaers Campus in Belgium.


The Reynaers Group is a dynamic and vibrant group of companies, with activities aimed to increase the value of buildings and improve the living and working environment of people, with dedicated focus on sustainability and design.